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I like to answer questions.
You have to be careful who you let define your good. -- Lois McMaster Bujold, A Civil Campaign, 1999


I can’t stop laughing at this.

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The 26 Pokeballs that you should know

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I love the last one. That’s a unicorn on a mission right there.

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In every school, all over the world, in every class, there was always that person that was better than everyone else. You can hold on to the fact that, yeah they were Mr. Perfect in school, and everyone resented them, and they were so great, but in later life Mr. Perfect will have  made his mistakes. he will have screwed things up.
And now, with facebook, you can find the bastards.

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Simultaneously the worst and best movie ever made

Actually one of my teachers watched every single version of Romeo and Juliet with the original text in front of him to prove that this was the worst version, but to his great dismay its the most accurate film adaptation of it, with the lines closest to the original text and most similar stage direction and relayed emotions.

He proceeded to show it to us in class.

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"So tell me Jet, why do we have all three of them neatly gathered in our ship?!" 

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30 days of TV challenge | a character who always makes you laugh

Sterling Archer, Archer

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